On Lies, Civilisation and Being

mighty powerful nutshell


I am an animal. I was born howling at the top of my lungs the core message of my being “I am alive”. I was born screaming, breathing, shiting, puking, watching, listening, touching and these remain some of the purest features of my self. This is true of any and all humans (as much as they deny). My teeth gnash (yours do too). From my arse I shit (yours does too). My skin releases oils and pheromones (yours does too). In every second, behind all the lies of this culture, you and I are animals. We were born wildlife. Those wild children who bother you in their play are simply expressing the energy of life that all living beings possess. As they play in the mud, they are connecting to the truth of their being; as you wash it off you deny them this in lies and domestication.

That’s what…

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