My Thoughts Inexactly: L is for Lamenting


Harvest the bravery to call a spade a spade, and prepare to find that most spades have been plunged deep in dirt.

Instead of dressing up as heroic animals with capes, how about we bravely undress and embrace the human animals that we already are?

I Pledge Allegiance To Liberty And Justice For All. As with so many things these days, if you remove the meddling middle the ends to which you speak become more clear and more powerful.

It’s easy to say “life goes on” when you are not numbered among the dead.

The more humans resort to being sheep, the more the wolves will come to dine on them.

It is a great sorrow of our sedentary age when we realize that our children—who naturally privilege a liberated motion over stagnation—come to equate motion with mobile machines instead of their own bodies.

Killing oneself all at once is…

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