Honoring Our Plantcestors:

“I suggest that we are not “using” plants and indeed that we are working WITH plants. And indeed, it is true because in biological timescale they are actually our ancient ancestors. Plants were here working on this “living” project for at least several billion years before us, and even hundreds of millions of years before the dinosaurs.

We are more like “renters” from the plants; they are the only way we can get minerals because mammals cant digest rocks. Plants can, they are in symbiotic relationship with the bacteria, mycelium, and other microorganisms in the ground slow leeching the rocks into bioavailable constituents, then humans eat their bodies and get minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. The plant is the medium for humans to live.

at classes I often find that there’s a great assumption to thinking that our ancestors learned the plants by first poisoning themselves, then forevermore people feared that plant. This is a very foolish hubristic idea if you consider the power of your own senses. If you fed a monkey poison ivy what would it do? Consume large amounts of it to see what would happen? Or would it smell and use the senses gradually and carefully to explore it systematically? Even the monkey would use the scientific method.”

Intro to Dan De Lions upcoming foraging book due out in spring of 2017


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