Less people. Less civilization. More wilderness. More free life.

Just saw a deer run through my backyard

I hate to hear people say there’s an overpopulation of deer, which is why they’re coming into human settlements. Maybe there’s an overpopulation of humans? Maybe when you try to urbanize the entire earth you’re going to start building neighborhoods in an existing habitat. If I set up camp in your living room would it really be all that illogical for you to wander in? People need to understand that we are not entitled to every square inch of earth, and that setting up “reserves” where the original inhabitants of this land can be “safely” stowed away is about as alright as relocating native people to some far off and destitute place you don’t want, yet. Mass-development of the world and its appropriation as open space for us to exploit as we see fit is every single bit as anthropocentric as appropriating non-humans as a food source.


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