*We***Want to Spend the End of the World with You

Cascadia Forest Defenders

Cascadia Forest Defenders and the League of Extra-Ornery Cascadians are pleased to announce the Earth First! Northwest Rendezvous, from June 10-13, 2016, in the heart of the southern Cascades.

Get ready for a long, very hot summer of action with our traditional socializing/working fest, unwinding in the old forest with old friends, meeting new friends and allies, sharing meals and skills and crazy ideas, and maybe a soft drink or cup of ale. Take a plant hike, a dip in the river, climb an ancient Doug or Buffalo Rock, or troop up into one of the nearby threatened forests (you may be back).

We’ve got: an incredible old-growth site that runs for over a mile along a lovely, if potentially lethal, river. Delicious water, a certain amount of medical resources, noon circles, and fabulous company that’s guaranteed to increase your chances of federal surveillance and higher standing with…

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