Crazy Arrow Dance ceremony

Photo by Curtis: Atsina Crazy Arrow Dance

Shooting spirits to release them, so as they can return to the spirit caverns, and then return in another physical form.

A life giving ceremony.

The Crazy Dance, related to the Massaun ceremony, there are many ceremonies of tribal culture that have been influencing each other on the Great Plains of North America, and the people as well, like the Contrarian Societies. The concept of “crazy” is always related to the intelligentsia’s – Contrian Societies, a people that traveled from one tribe to the other sharing knowledge, if we were to make a reference to other cultures, we could call them traveling monks, or the Sadhus of india, native american tribal culture has been noted by some scholars as mysticism rather than shamanic, in my studies I see a people of mysticism.

This is a way tribal cultures maintain their respect for all life and spirituality, something we see very little of now, and that being said, thus the degradation we are experiencing of nature, and even so…. with the few ceremonies that are being practiced, there comes with a conflict and contradiction with the way people live their lives, at one moment they pray and give homage, and then in the other hand they consume without acknowledging their negative impact on the Earth Mother, as though prayer and ceremony are enough – conducting one’s life, managing the daily routine needs to be in sync with the Great Mystery. The Mystic is no longer taken into consideration, leaving the minds and spirits of the hopeful, but the adoption of the shaman ways are, of which derive from a Siberian tribal peoples, a Tungusic word; to move like an animal.
Tradition is subjected to change, which is normal, Tradition is nature…. according to Land-Based Peoples, meaning ever changing and not just from one season to the next but at any given moment.

So in contradiction to what I just wrote, this not-honoring of the Earth Mother and not showing her our full consciousness, is a reality that the human animal has moved through, (industrialization) and maintains the current situation, in a sense the way that we are now is meant to be, for those who survive the collapse of industrial society, we will most definitely learn from the mistake of an anthropocentric past.

As my people stated Tsistsistas and the Suhtai, the preservation of consciousness, the spirit or the soul if you like, the essences of the metaphysical is far more important than our bodies, but of course it is also important to keep that vehicle healthy as well!

From the realm of the deep earth belong also the “heszevoxsz” The Animal Spirit Caverns, where the spirits, “hematasoomao (or matasoomao), of animals of all species are gathered. From there they may be released to join physical form, that is, become available as animals once again, or they may be kept there, that is refuse rebirth. The present world wide shrinking of animals populations and the accelerated extinction of species Tsistsistas interpretation represents a conscious withholding of animal spirits “hemataasoomao” by there “maiyun protectors to exclude the original animals from the destruction of the earth waged by the industrial nations. After the destruction of the global mass of human population. The “maiyun are the rehabilitate physical conditions on earth and reopen the “heszevoxsz. ( this is a Tsistsistas telling, they are a people who are of a Algonquian linguistic stock of the Anishinaabe, my people, so Tsistsistas who were giving the Massuan (crazy animal dance) ceremony, who are the Cheyenne and the Suhtai who were given the sundance, who and the Saulteaux, we were the sacred ceremonial people of the plains, who spoke the sacred language).


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