the power of a living entity – Earth

As we see and realize the integrity of the people, to take action, however this may be, through science-technology, politics, law, monotheism or spirituality, a sense of egocentrism, or even to simply change how we relate to the earth by what we consume – what we put in our bodies, projects and reflects how we relate to all sentient beings, the earth included. So my faith lies within the understanding of my ancestors teachings, but in the meantime my conscious influenced by my ancestors, have also told me not to feed my body the misery, torture, sadness and sickness of the animal animal agriculture industry – concentration camps for the domesticated animal, WHY, simply, because Earth has breathed life into my body, my spirit!

“Human beings” now consumers in this contemporary industrial society have become inherently cruel, living the legacy of their forefathers and not thier ancestors; some may argue this – terminal sociopaths devoid of any sense of empathy, fairness or justice – most simply don’t care, and likely never will. Some of us however, consider ourselves to be reasonable, responsible and recognize that our actions we participate in, have a negative effect on the earth and to actually care about the earth-animal sentient being.

A paradox; Although we may be troubled in the back of our minds – as habitual consumers of the flesh, skins and secretions of non-human animals, we conveniently disassociate ourselves from any meaningful emotional connection to the horrendous suffering so frequently inflicted upon them.

There is no way that most can proclaim themselves as lovers of animals or earth, while also condoning the systemic abuse of such vast numbers of slaughter, and degradation of nature, for merrily unnecessary purposes. There is no way we can consider ourselves to be noble advocates of social justice by championing the rights and welfare of humans while deliberately ignoring the desperate plight of so many non-humans. The very notion of being civilized is at stake here; there are no half-measures – we cannot be authentic environmentalists, humanist, philanthropists, feminists, pro-natalists, anarchists, socialists, communists or liberationists of any kind while simultaneously exploiting animals and the resources of earth in the barbaric, unenlightened way that we do.

Change start within the individual, question your anthropocentric view on the world – what you consume or EAT!
…and develop an understanding, a need for an antinatalist philosophical view on the world.


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