Beyond Vegan ‘Cheeze’: Anarchism, Animal Liberation, and the Commodity Fetish

Species and Class

The following is from a presentation Kim Socha gave at the 13th Annual North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies, parts of which are excerpted from her books Women, Destruction, and the Avant-Garde and Confronting Animal Exploitation.

By Kim Socha

The animal liberation movement is comprised of a diversity of individuals, strategies, theories, and ideologies. Thus, I don’t want to present the movement in broad strokes. Rather, I want to consider the question: What is our political perspective? There is no definitive answer, but part of the response lies within the point toward which I believe radial movements must all head: anarchy. Although anarchy may sound more like an outcome of revolution rather than a tool within a revolution, the foundations of social anarchism can assist with forming a collective identity for a cohesive movement founded upon organization, community, parity, mutual aid, and the leveling of hierarchy.


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