How to Drop a Carnist at 200 yards

Armory of the Revolution


The carnist hunting season is exactly concurrent with the Animal Holocaust. It runs 24 hours per day, year round.

All carnists are fair game, except minor children and others unaware of the animal deaths they cause.

While taking any carnist is permitted, the more sporting wish to bag Big Ag executives, slaughterhouse owners, feedlot operators, factory farm managers, packing plant managers, members of the boards of directors of animal exploitation industries, and financiers of animal exploitation industries.

The preferred taking method is by long gun at great distances, although close work is not discouraged, it carries significant risks of identification and apprehension.

Politicians who support the exploitation industries and who take money from Big Ag are particularly prized as trophies

A caveat here on trophies. Often the shooting of a carnist will result in an immediate police response. Should such an event transpire, it is highly recommended that the trophy…

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