Animal Liberation: A Revolutionary Imperative (Part 1 of 2)

Revolutionary Ecology

(Part 1, Part 2)

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Our primary area of interest in this article will be the current nature of humyn to nonhumyn relationships and how these relationships are from every standpoint indefensible. We will argue that, in order to truly liberate our own species, the pursuit of animal liberation must be adopted and recognized as a genuine struggle against oppression.

In order to gain an appreciation for the seriousness of the question of animal liberation, We must consider the significance of animal exploitation in our current social order. Just how vast is the system of humyn domination over nonhumyn animals today, one may wonder? 30% of all of the planet’s total land is occupied by livestock, while 41% of the continental land of amerika is occupied by livestock.[1][2] At least 56 billion terrestrial animals are raised for slaughter annually.[3] 100 million tons of fish are hoisted from the oceans…

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