Rewilding Education


An incredibly minute amount of civilized people have the capabilty of recognizing or correctly identifying edible plants (or inedible plants, for that matter) in their region. An astounding variety of other skills are also lacking among the greater populace, such as: tanning leather, primitive hunting, knowledge of medicinal herbs, purification of water or the sourcing thereof, primitive cooking, proper foraging, and shelter creation. Throughout the domestication process of humans, we have lost a significant portion of ancestral knowledge and skill, and there are very few “elders” or individuals capable or willing to share the information, should they have it.

The modern American education system, like those of other civilized nations, do not emphasize education itself, but rather are more intent on the training of youth to become money-makers. Though there are many traditional ways of viewing the education in the US as intended for the well-being of students (for it…

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