Anti-copyright 2013

The Earth, nonhuman and human animals are under attack! There is a war that carries silent atrocities disguised as normalcy. Imperialism perceived as foreign aid. The monotonous daily routine of wageslavery and paying bills. The unquestioned authority of politicians and state power. There is a system of exchange which allows privileged opportunity for a few and despair for many.

What if we discovered that we are all animals? Animal liberation would then include all of us! We know that equality can not exist as long as there is hierarchy. We know that capitalism and the state reinforces a hierarchy of domination and authority. What if being vegan was more than just a dietary lifestyle?

What if being vegan meant being free? What if it meant challenging all forms of domination in pursuit of equality and natural freedom? If we dream bigger than their banks the sky is the limit to our potential.

Upon the re-discovery of our interconnection with nature, our individual defiance will eclipse their control.

What is Capitalism?

At its root, capitalism is an economic system based on three things: wage labour (working for a wage), private ownership of the means of production (things like factories, machinery, farms, and offices), and production for exchange and profit.

While some people own means of production, or capital, most of us don’t and so to survive we need to sell our ability to work in return for a wage, scrape by on benefits, or starve.

Those accumulating capital do so better when they can shift costs onto others. If companies can cut costs by not protecting the environment, or by paying sweatshop wages, they will. So catastrophic climate change, nonhuman animal cruelty/exploitation, and widespread poverty are signs of the normal functioning of the system.

As human animals it is important to not dismiss our own exploitation and enslavement. The same system of violently oppressive institutions that murder nonhuman animals is the same system that murders human animals as well. Combating speciesism means rediscovering the equality of freedom and life for both human and nonhuman animals. It also means the struggle for human animal liberation is as equally significant as nonhuman animal liberation.

What is “the state”?

“The State” is the sum total of the political, legislative, judiciary, military and financial institutions through which the management of their own affairs, the control over their personal behaviour, the responsibility for their personal safety, are taken away from the people and entrusted to others who, by usurpation or delegation, are vested with the power to make laws for everything and everybody, and to oblige the people to observe them, if need be, by the use of collective force. The primary function of the state in a capitalist society is to maintain the capitalist system and protect the interests of those in power. As such, the state uses repressive laws and violence against the working class when we try to further our interests against capital. For example, bringing in anti-strike laws, or sending in police or soldiers to break up strikes and demonstrations. AETA, the Ag-Gag bill and many others are introduced in an effort to subdue revolutionary potential.

When we ask politicians to make changes for us we deprive ourselves of our own responsibility and autonomy. By voting, petitioning, and depending on the state, we reinforce the power it holds over us. As human animals it is essential for us to

acknowledge our own power as individuals and our ability to work together for change directly.

Veganism: A privileged consumer activity or revolutionary practice?

Purchasing fake “meats” and “cheeses” helps uphold the interests of those who continue to market the idea of nonhuman animals as food. Processed foods are expensive, environmentally destructive, and not all that healthy.

Many of these fake meats, cheeses etc are not available in poor communities where veganism is viewed as an upper class privileged diet rather than an anti-oppression movement. For veganism to be revolutionary it must maintain a critique of class and hierarchy for both human and nonhuman animal liberation. This means abolishing capitalism and GMO/mono-crop dependency by practising community self-sustainability, organic gardening, and poly-culture.

For information on guerrilla gardening and/or veganic permaculture visit http://www.permanentculturenow.com

/guerrilla-gardening/ http://www.veganicpermaculture.com/

For further reading on capitalism and the state visit http://www.infoshop.org/AnarchistFAQSectionC2

and for even further reading on human animal liberation (anarchy) visit http://www.infoshop.org/AnAnarchistFAQ



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