Desire: to re-wild the the planet

Indigenous Peoples are ‘from another time’ to the Modern Mind, but it is their Present time and it is a Time from whence we all came. A Time of Freedom, Nature-Based Spirituality, Family,Tribe, Loyalty, Wisdom, Elders, Traditions, Animal and Belonging.

My name is Kerry Redwood Atjecoutay, I am from Ka-wezauce “Little Boy First Nation (cowessess Saskatchewan Canada) Saulteaux/Cree of the Ojibwa Nation a descendant of the Anishinabek…

Desire, to re-wild the the planet,
Civilized man and those who have been assimilated, NOW, make up 98% of the bio-mass, and just 2% are “wild” or free living, thats a colonization of the earth!

Vehemently Anti – capitalist (all governing politics), industrial civilized society (science and technology) and monotheism (organized religion).


Artist; Abstract Expressionism, Muralist, Thai-Boxing Instructor, practicing Judo – Brazilian Jujitsu, Close-Combat. Involved in Animal Rights and Liberation.

The rejection of industrial civilization, by not consuming alcohol,drugs, caffein, marijuana and refined tobacco, factory farmed animal flesh and its by-products, also no eggs, cheese and other diary products, I don’t support dominant-governing politics, institutionalized racism, science, technology, education and monotheism, etc,etc, I am not an altruist, because I really detest consumers who unconsciously, embrace and pretend to uphold the morales of an invader death culture that has established a currency- economic capitalist system of trade.

No to the Rainbow family and their invasion of nature, do your stupid shit in the city where you have already desecrated the nature, and work to turn it back!


Land required to feed 1 person for 1 year:
A Vegan Diet: 1/6th acre
Vegetarian Diet: 3x as much as a plant based diet.
Meat Eaters Diet: 18x as much as a plant based diet.

…for the conspiracy theorist.

WORLD DOMINATION HAS ALL READY HAPPENED ! and we are all collaborators.

I am a human animal dedicated to defending the Earth-Animal and their Natural Reality.

I reject the commodification of animals and I will not use them for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose that would compromise their dignity, health and freedom.

“We don’t want from your civilization, We want to live as our fathers did and there mothers before them”  Tashunta Witko (Crazy Horse)

I have been a vegetarian for 7 years now and just recently moved to a strictly Plant-Based diet as of may 31 2013, this move to me shows and proves my love, my alliance and my dedication to the cause and the struggle, as well as the conflict that Nature is having with the civilized world, the civilized, who at this time are acting like a virus, to satisfy their greed-notion, a mindless ravaging of the Earth.

What is happening right now, is the very reason I have opened this page, connecting all that has been acknowledged as the beginning of a massive collapse, of Western – Occidental and other contemporary civilizations of the world.

My life consists of these activities:

Advocating the issues of the free living tribal peoples and the Animal condition, such as, Awareness, Liberation and Protection.

Sober and coherent for the revolution:

Living a clean lifestyle without drugs alcohol tobacco or marijuana and factory farmed animal flesh or any animal products, (I absolutely refuse to eat the domesticated animal, it is an unnatural source of nutrition)

…Concerning how I have prostituted my self in the past for the paper tokens of commerce, I could justify or glorify the pretentious wonders of being and artist but I have come to realize that being an artist is nothing more then a Jester to its King.

If you would like to “assume” one of my paintings, then just try to get in touch with me?

Unrecognized genocide;

Simply because we survived the onslaught and then having to conform, to institutionalized racism, in schools, work force and Euro – American / Canadian society in general, our unfortunate situation is now look at as an ethnocide, to ease the consciousness of those who now occupy the lands of the indigenous people of what is now north America, and this, what I write, here and now, is putting it lightly!

Over the past 500 years, the Indigenous peoples have managed to resist and survive the civilizing process but much has been lost. Now we must rebuild our memory and determine on what basis we will build our future. and do not purport to represent a tribal tradition in stone. this is a declaration of independence, based on the order imposed upon us (the indigenous) by the dominant cultures of which I deny the right to validate my understanding of the current world around me.


EARTH-Animal-Indigenous Peoples First who are still “free-living”.


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