Animal Indigenous Movement

Ojibwe – Saulteaux/Cree An Askēsis-Ascetic Journey

Animal Liberation and Tribal people …..

Animal Indigenous Movement is a Contrary Social Role Warrior Society

The Eight Fires of AIM – (cws) will

(1) not take place all at once,
(2) work incrementally as people built off of each other’s ideas,
(3) be led by no one,
(4) not be initiated by any governmental, political, or religious body,
(5) have no target end-point,
(6) proceed according to no plan,
(7) Reward supporters with reciprocal support and
(8) refuse to be manipulated or fooled my science and technology

…What is a Contrary Social Role Warrior ?

A Contrary Is A Member Of An Indigenous North And South American Tribal Groups Who Adopted Behavior That Was Deliberately The Opposite Of Other Tribal Members. The Contraries Were First Found Among The Historical Amerindian Tribes Of The Great Plains. But There Is Evidence In The Oral Histories That They Also Spanned All Across Ancient North And South America, They Were A Large Number Of Individuals Who Where A Well Organized Intelligentsia That Was Devoted To The Practice Of Contrary Behavior. The Contraries Are Related, To The Clown Or Contrary Organizations Of The Plains Indians, As Well As To Plains Military And Political Societies That Contained Reverse Warriors.

The Lakota Word Heyoka, Which Translates As Clown Or Opposites, Serves As A Collective Title For These Institutionalized Forms Of Contrary Behavior Of The Plains Indians.

For My People The Anishanabek The Contraries Where Known As The Windigokan Or The Wabano, I Have Traced Their Activities All Cross Ancient America From The East Coast To The West Coast, Despite What The Anthropologist Say, I Have Track Them By The Way Of The Numerous Thunderer (Thunderbird) Cults That Have Existed In The Past… I Don’t Believe In God, I Trust In The Manitou’s, I Don’t Trust Or Believe In Anything That Comes Out Of The Many Institutions Of Civilized Men.

This Statement Can Be Taken As Contrary As You Would Like However You May Feel, But Living The Way I Do Is Contrary Enough To Most Who Depend On Civil Society To Take Care Of Them.

“Oh ya, I don’t know how to light a fire by rubbing two stick together” lol

Contrary Warrior Society
Contrary Windigokan Society
Contrary Wabano Society


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