by ria

unafraid of primal chaos

scattering streams of stars all over sky

adaptive wanderer

not quite belonging in domesticated society


Trickster comes to revive the happy world that once was

amoral energy

outside boundaries

contradictory, lively & restless

wild creature

rewilding the world

pure joy

animal, human, animal-human, shaman

secretly, boldly disrupting

subverting norms

with compassion and humor

laughter opening doors to sensed ecocidal realities

revealing things not the way they ought be

exposing profound secrets mushrooming in modernity

reducing man-made complexity

full of faux nicety

to yearned for simplicity

feral authenticity


I am Coyote

creature meandering along edges

exponent of all possibilities

free play, experimentation, detachment

stopping bleeding from wounds unseen

saving biota despite the odds

lessons on nature

meaning of existence on Earth


I am no chief

never cultivate soil

nor herd sheep

foraging opportunist in vanishing forest

frolicking scavenger in domesticated communities

funster defiantly haunting an increasingly tamed, unhappy world

flaunting traditional ceremonial rituals

ridiculing whatever is regarded with greatest reverence, respect

satirizing customs of war, that staple of civilization

going against all forbidden

alternating between healer, savior

and breaking taboos merely to bring disorder

refusing to succumb to blind obedience

refusing to take herself or anything seriously

not here to win

just to deconstruct social limits

fraught with pitfalls

the greater the oppression

the more Coyote manifests

passed along through nature beings

incarnating Trickster

persisting eternally everywhere

so long as humans dominate


I am Coyote

Earth hero

empowered by deep memory of deep origins

primal connectedness

surrendering to loss, adrift painlessly

taking in the wild wholly

giving her back the same

we are as one

set alive by heavens and Earth


long live JZ!

In: Hippie Paradise: A Vegan Ecofeminist’s Rant on Hawaii’s Kauai Island



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