Review of Hippie Paradise: A Vegan Ecofeminist’s Rant on Hawaii’s Kauai Island


What do you get when you take an eco-anarchist, half-brilliant, half-rambling lunatic, give her a pen and a pad of paper, and ship her off to Kauai Island to spend some time taking in the sights? You get a half-brilliant, half-rambling manuscript that later gets published as Hippie Paradise.
As the title suggests Ria, accompanied by her gypsy nomad son Brian, travels to Kauai in search of a bastion of un-civilization; a place where nature still reigns supreme. Still reeling from her brother’s murder and needing a healing dose of unspoiled Mother Earth, what she finds instead is a bit troubling, and maybe even more depressing.
As she wanders she takes note of civilization’s seemingly unceasing encroachment into everything wild. The commercialization of the Earth itself is portrayed anecdotally through encounters with natives and tourists, by bearing witness to the exploitation of the land and native culture, and through…

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I’m not here to tell you how this ends. I’m here to tell you how this begins.


I’m not here to tell you how this ends. I’m here to tell you how this begins.
It begins with an idea. It begins with the idea that people are more important than property. It begins with the idea that “Freedom” is more important than just a slogan. It begins with the idea that every being, and not just human beings, has innate value, and the right to exist. It begins with the idea that, if coercion, violence, threats of force, and punishments are the means of ensuring the dominance of your dogma, then that is the very definition of tyranny. It begins with the idea that no one is irredeemable. It begins with the idea that cooperation, companionship, and strong communities will never exist amidst the ultra-competitive, hyper-capitalist global economic system. It begins with the idea that destroying one’s home planet in the pursuit of material wealth is incomprehensible…

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Tree People made by: Daniel Karlsson

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Cities are the modern global prison work camps of the civilised and that revolution within these areas is little more than a pipe dream for those doomed to a hope, we seek to propose a tactical shift amongst anti-civ anarchists and insurrectionists of all stripes, that migration as autonomous collectives of trusted allies and friends or as individuals away from the cities to areas that civilisation has not yet destroyed or domesticated entirely, before the net of authority closes completely in the coming storm.